atoll /coral- update: with glow efect?


another WIP - atoll

i would like to know, what do you think abou it:)

C&C are welcome.


Beautiful, I say…
Some of the sharp parts on the rocks are a bit unnatural, and gives away that it’s cg. Also, the anchor looks quite bland, it needs more texturing.
But, nevertheless, the image has nice feeling to it, and the caustics on the sand look quite nice

Indeed, very nice. You have captured the lighting and the mood/effect already.

I agree about the sharpness of the rocks. Need to fix that for sure.


Great pic! You should work on some halos to make it more realistic, and some noise too. Great job!

Great coral, great water, sand could use work. It doesn’t look very sandy.

thx for coments…here is small update…

looks nice m8, but the left side is empty and boring, also shouldnt there be fish?

I’d like the sand even more “sandy” meaning rougher and sharper, more sand particles in it. Or dots or something in the texture.
Great work, man :stuck_out_tongue:

And along with what Falgor said, you could add some “dune”-like patterns… caused by the wave action of the shallower water (what I’ve observed in my snorkeling adventures…) Also, lurking tiger shark would be sweet… off in the “shadows” of the deeper water.

The water surface should have some internal reflection :wink: .

Mostly what I think is missing from the environment is the floating detritus…

I was actually kind of thinking that some of those bumps on the rocks look somewhat like faces… which led me to an interesting idea. :wink: I like how this is shaping up, though. Turning out very well!

only test with glow efect…do you mean that this render is better or no?? [!]

wow that looks amzing gr8 work :smiley:

Wow this thing is really coming together. Those whatever-they’re-called’s really look nice on the rocks. :slight_smile: VERY cool work! I think the glow effect really adds to the rock formations with scattered highlights from the surface. I like that effect a lot. :slight_smile:

I think the sand should be broken up a bit more… a few more rocks, more coral. Some more life would really improve it, I think. A school of fish, maybe a crab investigating the anchor?

nice texture work! I geuss it’s all procedural? anyway… I suggest that for caustics you should look for a nice program that generate a premade caustics… I can’t seem to find it… anyone, please feel free to help :slight_smile:
oh yeah… add some bubles 9that could be added at the end - it’s not very importent but it’s a nice touch.)

For caustics, here’s a program:

However, I have used several Blender procedurals with good results, like distorted noise and clouds (using a more “square” procedural as noise basis - like voronoi F3 or F2) since many caustics in calm waters have a square-cell appearance.

This is coming along very good, I think particles in suspension would add substance to the water. A fish or two, with a nice soft shadow, hovering the bottom. A shark! :smiley:


I played around with under water scenes myself, but I think yours is better :smiley: Well Done.


I really like what you’ve got there so far, it’s coming along really nicely. I don’t know what kind of look you’re going for, whether you want it more serene or so, but personally I think the image would be improved considerably with a more vibrant use of colour, to give it a bit more energy and something to attract the eye. Perhaps you could introduce some fish or colourful coral?

For the elements he has, so far, I like the colors he’s got in there. Other elements will introduce more colors, but for what’s in there, the colors are excellent. I just wanna see where it ends up. :wink: