Atomic Bomb Replica

Replica of Atomic Bomb, not finished. I tried to make the outside as accurate as possible. The inside I had to make up as I was unable to get any information regarding the contents, I saw more then once that the inside was still classified material. Some of the objects are not finished, or out of place or even without materials. Any Thoughts would be appreciated.

The inside looks great. Even if it’s not entirely accurate, you could have fooled me!
Though, I can see why the government wouldn’t want to go around handing out the recipe for an atomic bomb.

The explosive lenses and core look out of scale to one another, plus there were some other layers surrounding the core – I looked up Fat Man on Wikipedia & there’s a good diagram that might help you in this regard.

The general plan for the Fat Man-type A-bomb has been known for decades, but that doesn’t give enough info and detail in terms of specifications for a lot of components to do anyone much good in terms of building one of these bastards.

I think your materials & lighting are superb!

Thank you Padfoot7726, I was worried it wasn’t going to be convincing, since I have no idea what electronic components from that era looked like.

Right now there are a lot of polygons, and they’re bogging me down when I try to move objects, It makes it hard to position objects perfectly, thus I think the Explosives Lenses are not positioned correctly. Thanks for the tip about the Wikipedia. Also thank you for the comments and suggestions. I’m reducing the polygon count by hand right now.

The detail in this is incredible.

Great work man! … love the details!!

wow all that time and effort and then you’ve got to blow it up …?It better be an amazing explosion, amazing. If I recall my dads uncle made Atomic bombs and Missiles for Nasa -Isn’t it a strange world.

Yes, I thought the lenses didn’t look correct, but I was unsure what was wrong.

Thanks everyone for the comments, and suggestions, Much appreciated.