atomic thermos logo

Atomic Thermos is a funny name for a friend and I when we write computer games. I decided to blend a logo :slight_smile:

Uses particles (obviously) and not many new features hehe, done in about 30 mins to 1 hour from concept to creation, text done with gimp 1.2…

I think you should have put that in the wip section. But aww well.

My crits r:

  1. The radiation sight does not look to good, it looks flat, and isnt it suppose to be yellow?

  2. Whats that suppose to be comming out of the container? I suggest u make a greenish liquid pouring out of it.

#) Get a better texture on the thermose.

That pretty much it from me, good work basically, a couple of adjustsments and itll be great!

And man, I don’t wanna rain on your blender or anything but do be aware that “Thermos®” is a registered trademark and that you won’t be able to use it commercially without obtaining permission. But the idea itself is cool and I think you can come up with plenty of twists on it that won’t constitute infringement … as this, unfortunately, is.

Thanks for the crits, I’m sure if we did make anything commercially then we would probably come up with a different name :slight_smile:

You can use atomic thermos fine as long as you are not competing with “thermos” in their field. Don’t worry about it too much.

About the logo… I don’t think a wood texture makes for a realistic thermos… and using “smoke” in a logo may not be the bestes idea in case you want to use it for printed materials as well.

I think for a logo you’d be best off creating a small and realistic thermos with just a warning logo thingy on it the way you have it now.

I agree with macouno, this is not a good logo, but i like the render.

If one crit: - Somebody else already that you have to use another texture for the thermos, so I have only crit on the radiation sight. The radiation sight shows the wood texture of the thermos, don’t do that, know it really looks like some kind of sticker not a sight :-? . Make those parts black or something like thats.


It’s actually not wood, but I see how it could look like that. It’s a sky that is env mapped on… thanks for the crits!


But I think it would be some competition.

I would buy a atomic thermos over a dull non-radioactive one…
Don’t be square.

yeah thermos is probably registered. And try to print that logo it would look bad.

When doing a logo just think in all the possible media/situations is gonna be used :wink:

just my .2 cents

Ok let’s call it a “splash screen”. I certainly wouldn’t print that render, I’d make it have a black background or something.

Anyways, doesn’t indicate that thermos is registered as a trademark, I thought it was just the name of an item.

Because I’ve seen many different companies that make thermoses.