atomic train

(pokestuff) #1

Atomic train. This image started as a quick sketch quite a while back, i started modelling but never finished it.
So had some time last week and went for it.
Rendered in Cycles and comped in photoshop.

(prashant0t4) #2

dayum 5 stars from me

(FredHystair) #3

Massive, awesome, keep the good style.

(BjarkeDuDe) #4

Damn, you pump out these gems real fast!

(Modron) #5

yes, this is awesome. I will give this some stars.

(Ace Dragon) #6

It contains a lot of details that are generally staples at this point (the food store signage, the mice, and the like), but the shading and lighting here is absolutely spectacular, your work just seems to keep gaining detail as well as quality.

The AO multiplication also seems to lend very well here, very good work overall.

(Bliz) #7

Awesome, love the subtle colour composition. Cool bluey-green on the right, fading to the warm yellows.

(bossestrenders) #8

Huh, I wonder when @pokestuff is gonna finally release a short film :slight_smile: Seriously good work as always, man! Keep it up. 5*

(Mosey Turner) #9

OHMYGOSH!!! How the heck do you make these so fast!!! As always, this is AWESOME!!!

(norbertoidiart) #10

Jesus Holly Crist this is awesome

(rombout) #11

Wow your style is epic, it fits the unicorn war perfectly! Most be pretty heavy scene to handle in the viewport

(Impreza09) #12

0 to gallery in less than a day, impressive.

(Madrid82) #13

Wonderful work.

(juanrav) #14

Great render, You can also participate in the BlenderGuru competition with it, it make me think about the future, I think a world like this is possible.

(_ben_) #15

Awesome work!

(Xylolixus) #16

Really love this scene, gives a lot of inspiration! How did you do the holographic texts? Just a texure with alpha channel?

(Hadriscus) #17

I think your pictures get better and better. One thing I really love about your compositions is the amount of things going on at the same time, everything’s busy, every single little character goes about their business. Things are happening and I love that.
Keep it up !


(JDaniels) #18

Nice work, pokestuff. :slight_smile: And a well-earned congratulations(!) on getting on the top row.

Look forward to great things from you in the future, too! :smiley:


(dantefrizzoli) #19

amazing work! This is fantastic!

(SynaGl0w) #20

Very nice! Always like the style of your work!