AtrC - physically-based offline render engine

Hi there. I don’t know if there are know this render engine or not BUT anyways I’d like to share it with you guys:

This render engine is awesome and I still testing it with exporting stuffs from Blender to AtrcC as OBJ file and then import to the engine. BUT I really would like if someone in teresting on this engine and would have programming skills maybe its time to create an exporter for Blender to AtrC? What do you think?
Or will help to me or to us for create an addon?

BTW: This rendered image from the engine which I made for presentation (only CPU at the moment, no GPU):

No commits for over 3 months, it is possible this is another of those study projects that will not see widespread use, especially as the developer gets hired away by Autodesk or by another company.

Now perhaps the BF can offer him a good salary to become the Cycles engineer they are looking for (if he is up for full time coding that is)?

Not sure, but yeah, it would be great if he join to Cycles development . As all other people he is busy with real life too and maybe thats why he cannot commit not often as much need. Lets see what will be going on near future.