ATSkill's F1 Challenge Entry

So, I actually started with this right after the challenge was announced, but life is unexpected, and so I’m just now getting back into gear hopefully still in time to enter the finished product into the contest. :o

My inspiration is the Curcuis maximus, and the Roman Chariot races, but I didn’t want to fall into the old star wars pod racer trap, so I decided to stick with wheels and real life technology… with minimal artistic liberties.

WIP Report:
I’m probably 60% (ish) done with detailing on the “horses” but I’ve only got basic placeholder materials on it, so haven’t really started the texturing phase yet. The net is not going to stay, I put that on thinking I would go a little more battle style, but I have sense decided to do a more clean cut racing machine.
The chariot is still a bit loose, comments are welcome, it’s still missing something in the back end of it and I’m not sure what to do there. the other part is if I should have the backing behind the pilot or not…

Anyways, I’ll shut up for now and just show you the pictures. :slight_smile: comments, questions, and suggestions are all appreciated.

Edit: Sorry that the right pic is so dark, I will most likely be using Lux, so the lighting was still set up for that.


That’s an awsome concept! I like how you decided to stick with the wheel idea.
I’m sure it’s an early indicator of what things will look like, but I would re adress the wheel (spokes) design. Especialy the chariot’s wheels, it feels a little simpleton/serif’d.

I can’t wait to see your concept furthur developed!

No update yet as I’ve been working out the mechanics of the harness system, and generally just doing smaller things. But in answer to the wheels, yeah what you see above in the right image is just place holders, I’m still working on something that looks better, but style is hard as I don’t have much to reference from so far… I’m really trying to merge in the look of real F1 racer cars, but the wheel shapes and mountings are so different that I’m having trouble with that.

Thanks for looking everyone!

VERY GREAT WORK!!! Wish u luck in challenge!!!

So It’s starting to to really hit me how much I still have to do, and how little time I actually have before the contest deadline. :eek: don’t worry, I will make it!
Unfortunately, no pretty renders to share this time round, just screen shots, sense all the work has been under the hood.

Right image:
This is what I’m thing I’m settling for the harness system, But we’ll see if anything shows up as lacking once the parts are modeled. the only mechanism I can think of at the moment for the arms are pistons wrapped in air foils, but if someone can think of another way to have the arms contract and expand shout it out. Also if you notice I’ve done away with the behind the pilot part, but I’m working on something there instead that should be a lot cooler.

Left image:
So, I’m probably going a little over kill with the detail… but I’m having too much fun too stop. :cool: The only part that’s really giving me trouble here now is the shocks/suspension for the wheels, ideas? I would love to see how the Dodge Tomahawk does it, but I haven’t been able to find many pictures of that little beauty, much less ones of the inner workings.

Thanks for looking


I’m confident you will make the deadline This a unique and intriguing design. It is a good thing if you are having fun with it, you will work so much faster and better if you enjoy it. Good luck, and Godspeed. :wink:

Very intriguing piece and full of wonderful imagination
Would love to see as to what more you would do

note: just noticed that all the jets would be pointing at the rider behind and that would mean a lot of heat and smoke and air distortion.

heh, I’m not quite done with this, but blender wont render it in time… even if I started the render right now I don’t believe it will be done before the deadline… :frowning: but I guess that’s what happens when I’m sitting at over 2.3 million faces and glossy reflections on most surfaces. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably make a simple render for the contest, just so I have an entry, and then work on a more finalized and polished shot afterwords.


Edit: 2.3 is the rendering amount, in view port I’m sitting at about 1.7 million, and I really only have subsurf at one or two levels across the board, next time I will definitely not go so crazy with the details. (to many nuts, bolts, and washers I guess.)

Well, I guess this is the final image for the contest, even though I’m not really done with it yet. I know that I really need to learn more textureing, so I’m going to rename this thread and keep on plugging away at this little sucker, which means for anybody reading this, all criticisms are welcome, as I’ll be going back and remodeling some things, and finishing other parts, namely the back.
My current goal is to have a still image that I’m satisfied with (I’m not very happy with the current one.) but I’ll be keeping the option of a animation open too, the deciding factor will be how the still turns out.

So final for the challenge, but just an update for this thread.;%22%3E%3Ctr%3E%3Ctd%3E%3Ca%20href=%22,sans-serif;%20font-size:11px;%20text-align:right%22%3EFrom%20%3Ca%20href=%22


wow that is awesome. it looks really great how long have you used blender