Attach light source to camera?

Is it possible to attach a light to the camera without any scripts? Let’s say if I move the camera, the light will follow the cameras position?

I think you can make camera parent and light - child so it will go with the camera when it moves

Neat… :Z How do I do that?

First select the child - in this case, it will be the lamp. Then, holding, shift, select the parent - in this case the camera. Both will be selected, but the camera will be active. Press Ctrl-P, and then press make parent.
Now, the lamp should be parented to the camera.

Fast answers in this forum, love that!
Thanks guys!

the stupid thing is i can’t reply to any topic because the answer is allready given :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

try to answer about moving vertices on the path in edit mode :slight_smile:

or to my problem with animating curves (as soon as I get the blend file up, which should happen any time now) :stuck_out_tongue: