Attach mesh across multiple spline animation

Hi I have a project where by I am creating a wave. My adea is to have a series of curves that are animated with shape keys and then distribute a mesh across the series of curves that will follow the curves. here is a diagram.

Is this possible?
So far I have been able to animate the curves, bothe NURBS and Bezier. I have provided a blend (2.8) with 4 collections.
collection 1 animated nurbs curve.
collection 2 animated bexier curve
collection 3 wave mesh (subdivided plane)
collection 4 my references.

WAVE ATTEMPT.blend (944.9 KB)

any help would be appreciated.

WAVE ATTEMPT.blend (922.9 KB)

It can be done - with shape keys.

This is a very rough version - I think with some careful weight-painting with smoothing between the vertex groups, something very cool could be achieved.

Thats cool what you did with the curve modifier and attaching vertex groups. I did not know that. Vertex painting is a bit hard because as you saw the mesh distorts from its original position and shifts forward with heavier vertex weight, but that might be an origin relational thing . I will play around with what you have built . Thanks so much. I will post back sometime soon with any good findings.

Fortunatly this is a grid, and by setting the vertex weight in edit mode you can make sure for each vertex … all the weights add up to 1.

Ok I had alot of trouble with painting by hand so i went to selecting vertices in a more grid like way and was able to align each curve group next to each other without overlap. WAVE ATTEMPT -full weight properly aligned vertices.blend (2.2 MB)

I have tried to overlap vertex groups to blend the modifiers but I get crazy results.

Yes it does…

I would advise using this panel, as it’s more precise.

WAVE ATTEMPT -full weight properly aligned vertices.blend (896.9 KB)

Unfortunately, it seems that weight paint only phases between weights linearly, so it does come out with a rather angular phase between each bone… I guess you could create more edge loops and set each line of vertexes until you get a smooth enough curve - or you could … I think people have been working on methods to make the weights for each vertex add up to 1, but … I can’t remember what it’s called so I don’t know how to google it.

Thanks for your reply! I would create more edge loops but unfortunately when i lessen the weight the verteces move backward giving an arch shape. Hence the crazy results. It was worth exploring this tool I know alot more about wieght painting and its limits now.

There is a set of NURBS curves in that blend file that is animated. Could there be a way to loft a surface across the splines? I have had a look at sverchok but i have no idea! I have tried this but I get nothing when i try to recreate this…

Thats a good attempt! Thumbs up!

I will have a go at adding more curves that have animation that helps blend . I will ppost results when i get it done :smiley:

Update! I decided to try Animation nodes with their Loft tool. So far I can loft over the entire 3 splines (if i want to add more i can ) I just now got to get the mesh to follow the animated curve. It seem the mesh does not follow the curve in object mode but when I enter edit mode it sticks to the curve nicely, however there is no curve animation in edit mode. Do you have any skill in AN and how to help the mesh follow the animation shape key curve?WAVE ATTEMPT LOFT animation node 2.8.blend (954.2 KB) You will need the AN addon.
I used this version Should be at the top of the page.

Hi Yogyog. I believe the setting that helps all weights add up to one is called “Normalise All”.

I have faiiled with the other addons as the are not advanced enought to loft splines and animate, soooooo I will follow your instructions and create more splines and weight paint with the Normalise all settings.