Attach new mesh to existing full rig

Hi all,

I have an existing rig with all the IK/FK, drivers, actions, etc. set up. It was created for a mesh and worked well, but I have since updated the mesh externally and want to use the new version with the existing rig. I know I can parent without using automatic weights, but is there a way to use auto weights selectively? I mean that in addition to the deformation bones, I have a ton of others and when I do auto weights it uses all bones. I tried to only have the deformation bones on the active layer, but that didn’t work. Any thoughts? Just want to save a little time not skinning from scratch. Thanks!

Rig, in edit mode under Bone button you can find Deform check box. For all the control bones that does no direct deformation, you should have them unchecked.

Awesome! I’ll try that out. Thanks!

That did it. So simple. Thanks, much!!