Attach soft body to rigid body?


I have a jiggly ball that has the perfect amount of softness and looks realistic that I want to attach to a rigid body. I want to be able to move the rigid body and the jiggly ball move with it, i.e. stay attached. I’m super confused how the goal in soft bodies works and how the pinning works with it.
What would be even better is to attach it to another soft body, but I know that you can’t have two or more soft bodies interact, I tried with a cloth or softbody, a trampoline, that should catch the jiggly ball and it just flew through it, even having collision on.

I attached the .blend file for inspection, it took a lot of work to get this so jiggly and looking real, as soft bodies normally either collapse in my experience or look like it is all bouncing springs (not jiggly)

I had to share it via dropbox, since there is a 5 MB file limitation.

It’s a shame that soft bodies in Blender get so little attention and is a feature that is still very hard to use.

I have tried to pin a vertex group on a softbody in the goal settings and it works. But doing the same in this blend file fails, assigning the vertex group and then using that for pinning does nothing, it just falls down and ignores the pinning, why is that? Is something corrupted in this .blend file?