Attached Mesh Problem

Hi everyone im having a problem.
Im trying to rig this alien but i cant because the legs, arms, head, and so on are all diffrent meshes. So i was wondering how to connect all of them so that its one big mesh so i cand add armatures and stuff.
Heres a pic


Hi IIIstrikes,

You can add an armature modifier to each object, and point them at the same armature. This will work but it may not be what you want to do.

To answer your question more directly: you can select an object, SHIFT select another, and use the Join command (CTRL+J). This will join them to one mesh.

Hope it helps…

now how do you pull them appart when u do the join command???

To seperate them again, In Edit mode Link select the area of the mesh you want to separate L, then press P to separate them. The seperated vert’s will become a new object.

You are very welcome.

To separate the geometry again: from Edit mode, select the geometry that you want separated and press P for the separate menu; choose “Selected” to make the selected parts of the mesh a different object. :cool: