Attaching bones without weight painting

I have a mickey mouse type hand that I traced from a logo and then converted into a mesh. I’m trying to attach a bone using weight painting, but because of how the mesh was created the weight paint is selecting too much of the hand when I try to select the individual fingers. Any ideas? (I tried to model the hand starting with a mesh but I’m having the same trouble, and I’m not a very good modelling yet)

use vertex grouping. just assign the vertices to a group then name the bone you want to deform them the same as the name of the group

Why not just adjust the weights on your mesh? Or do you not have enough vertices to get a smooth deformation. Of course if your topology is whacked out, the deformation is gonna look funky anyway, but that’s kind of another topic.

Alright thanks guys, couple questions. Noodle, I tried the vertex grouping: selected the vertices of the finger, assigned them to a group named bone, and then named the bone “bone”. I moved the bone and the finger did not follow. Any idea what I’m missing.

Fweeb, how can I adjust the weights on the mesh? When I paint it automatically goes from the finger, across the palm, to the vertices on the other side. I’m guessing this is because of how blender created the mesh from the curve?

This indicates to me that your topology is some kinda nasty… and yes, this almost definitely is because you converted the mesh from a curve. Without seeing the actual .blend (or even screenshots), it’s hard to tell, but my guess is that you only have vertices along the outside of the hand. This won’t do. You’ll need more verts in the palm area as well.

Sadly, even that will only give you moderatly passable results. You really ought to try modeling the hand with polygons. Take some time and read up on the importance of good topology for animation and you’ll see what I’m talking about. With that knowledge (and perhaps a look at the wires of other hands), you’ll be better equipped to tackle animating something that works like a hand.

Thanks Fweeb, I was afraid the answer was going to be “learn how to model” :slight_smile: Do you know of any tutorials that would give me the quick and dirty on how to make a hand the “right” way?