Attaching buttons to gingerbread body in Blender 2.65

New to blender - did gingerbread man - cannot attach mouth and buttons to body … Instructions I am following says:
Rt click on button, shift and right click on body, press Carl and P, left click on object… Does not work for me? Does this not work in 2.65? I have been using G and Y to position them on the body. Any ideas? Thanks!

One detail is missing: In Object Mode.

In Object Mode, select the child object (the button) with Right-Click then the parent object (the body) with SHIFT+Right-Click. The 2 objects are outlined in orange. The body is outlined with a brighter orange because it’s the active object which will become the parent. Press [CTRL P], select “Object” in the popup menu. Press [A] to deselect all. That’s all.

Now, when you move the parent object in Object Mode, the children follow.

Of course, you can parent several objects at the same time. Right-Click the first child, then SHIFT+Right-Click each of the other children and finally the parent. [CTRL P], etc, etc.