Attaching BVH motion to existing (unrigged) model

I have some general questions regarding adding BVH to an existing Blender Model. I have seen the tutorial on Blender Underground ( but is seems to be specific to attaching it to a MakeHuman model – and specifically one which already has its bones in place. That’s not my situation…

I want to do this (and I think this should be simple, but for some reason I can’t figure it out…):

  1. Import BVH file (easy… I got this…) Bring in the full armature (default setting)
  2. Import my mesh (got that, too)
  3. Add Armature to my Mesh, and name the armature that the BVH created as the armature for my model.
  4. Press play and watch him go! (OK, I know there will be some tweaking… but…)

I don’t seem to have this figured out.
I do steps 1-3, but my mesh, of course, does not exactly match my armature. I put the armature in pose mode so I can line things up. But then I can’t move anything (I get an error telling me I can’t rotate anything in rest position). Unfortunately, the first frame in my animation is a wild pose, so I need to line things up in rest mode – but it doesn’t seem to let me.

Is there a tutorial on this somewhere? I have found some older tutorials, but they don’t seem to apply. I saw a YouTube video showing bringing a BVH in as empties – but that seems like a lot of trial and error – and I am fine with using the default armature, so I was hoping that would be faster.

Any suggestions? (“Go read this tutorial” is a fine answer here… I just can’t seem to find a tutorial that applies to this problem.

After you lined it up on pose mode, select your mesh and then hold shift clik on your armature, press ctrl+p choose parent to armature, and then select from bone heat, it done.

OK, that’s what I was missing. (I have no idea what “bone heat” means, though!)

I have some tweaking to do now, but at least the bones are moving the mesh now!


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