attaching eyes to rig

I am currently working on a lattice for my cartoonish eyes but am having trouble connecting the original eye bones to the spine. The eye bones were created as single bones so are not connected to the spine armature. I tried joining but, after joining to the spine armature, they appear to join at the base bone down at the pelvis. The bones in the spine are all parented to the root bone at the pelvis. Tried all sorts of arrangements and getting a little lost at this point. Also, should I join them at the tail of the head bone or the root of the head bone?

Try this:

  • In object select the eye armature first then body armature (note that your cursor should hit the bone that you want to be the parent)
  • Ctrl+p pick bone relative

Image here to show

Here is a blend file to investigate

Thanks erickBlender …worked like a charm and thanks for the clear examples too