Attaching Head and Body

I am trying to attach a head & body made in separate files. I have appended the 2 scenes together ( head & body), but now I can’t get them to show with each other,on the same view, only separately. And is it possible to work on the meshes afterward to adjust the connection? Is this possible?

To show with each other on the same view only separately? I’m sorry. Could you rephrase that in an easy to understand way. Maybe with a screenshot. Are you talking about joining the objects so you can see all the vertices in edit mode?
But to answer your second question, you can always adjust meshes in Blender.

Go into either file, press shift+F1, and go into the file with the head/body in. and click append file and they’ll be in that file.

Sorry, first time! I would like to get the head together with the body, and make one whole person. I can edit the head , but not the body, it tells me Error- can’t edit external libdata. And I would like to be able to edit the vertices. I found the screen shot button, but how do I add a screen shot to this site? Thanks for your help!

Here is the head & body I’m trying to combine as one.

Ah, I see. Well there isn’t a body in the file you posted. Did you do what tomrebel2 said? Press ‘Shift F1’ go to Desktop\Blend files\male charac1.blend\Object[YOUR OBJECT]. Can you explain exactly what you’ve done so far?

[ATTACH]78847[/ATTACH]You two are amazing! I have both head and body in the view screen, and I’m able to see both meshes now. Now, do I do anything extra to make them into one person, before I connect them? Here is the image. I hope they are both there.

Yeah, you need to select both objects and press ‘Ctrl J’ to join them. Hit ‘Tab’ to go into edit mode, and start merging vertices with ‘Alt M’. Also, I’d select all vertices and push ‘Set Smooth’ in the ‘Editing’ panel.

Thanks so much! It worked great, and I’m thrilled! Have a good night.