attaching meshes to each other

I haven’t seen any information about this elsewhere, but how would I go about attaching one mesh to another? I’ve never done it in blender, but I used to use it all the time in 3ds max.

are you talking about parenting one mesh to another or combineing two diffrent meshes or are you talking about the new mirrior feater?

I think you’re talking about booleans.

select the 1st object and go into edit buttons, (F9) and click “Add Modifier” (like you would in 3dsmax) choose boolean from the list.

Then in “OB:” under “Intersect” type the name of the 2nd object.

And then change “Intersect” to “Union” Then click “Apply”

perhaps you mean the “bridge”-tool?
with this you attach two meshes together by creating new faces to close the room inbetween (you have to join the two meshes to one object before)
the bridge-tool can be found in blender 2.40 in the 3D-view’s menu under mesh–>scripts

If you want to just combine two meshes into one object, you just select one by right clicking on it, then hold shift, and select the other by right clicking on it. Then press ‘ctrl j’ to join the selected meshes.

thanks for all the replies. DarkSeraphim had what I was looking for, but I didn’t know about the bridge tool or how to use booleans in Blender. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: