Attaching multiple meshes to an armature

Ok, I have a base mesh model of a person that I’ve rigged to an armature and when in pose mode it deforms fine. I have then proceeded to create several individual meshes (by adding cubes etc. and then modelling them) that form the characters clothing (armour in this case). These clothing meshes are in the appropriate places on the T-posed base mesh. Now that I have finished each individual bit of armour for the character, I want to assign them to deform in conjunction with the base mesh.

My issue is, no matter what I make them a child to them to (the armature it self or the base mesh) they do not deform correctly and there is a lot of weird clipping. In some cases when moving bones in pose mode there is a weird duplicating effect that happens to some of the armour (may be tied to a mirror modifier I have active).

Can someone please just walk me through how to attach these armour/clothing meshes to the armature and have them deform nicely with the base mesh? Any help is muchly appreciated

Rather than parent with automatic weights to the whole armature for the mesh that was having the issue I selected the mesh, the armature and then in pose mode a specific bone and parented to the bone itself. :smiley:

I am having problems with this as well.