Attaching two objects

i need to attach these to cylinders can anyone tell me how i might do that?


Box select the verts that need to be attached, and press ‘F’ and select Skin Faces / edge Loop.
You’ll want to make sure to select all the verts on those two edge loops at once, or it’ll join weird.

yeah got this error any ideas?


you selected all,or only half :confused:

nope i did a box select like craigo said.

Rotate your view and make sure you only selected the complete edge loop on both objects, and nothing else. It looks like you have limit selection to visible turned on, so you need to double check that your box select got the back side verts.

yeah i checked that out im sure that its selecting all the verts

Well you can always select four verts at a time, two on each side, and then hit “f” and create a new single face, though it would take more time. as you’d have to do it a couple dozen times.

umm nah i think ill pass on that ill let you know if i figure it out

or in this case, the simplest way would just be to scale them together. assuming they are lengthwise on the x axis. S->X->0 then remdoubles. thats the number 0 by the way.

just wondering but havent you selected the wrong loops, click on one edge of each of the circular faces (ummm, the bottom of the cyclinder) preww space bar, select and then edge loop, then try again the 1st piece of advice.

possibly uve got select visible turned on?

worked GREAT thanks alot!:slight_smile:

Were you perhaps using capped cylinders? If so, the center verts of each cap would prevent the edge fill from working. I had assumed you were using tubes that didn’t have caps.

Glad you got something to work!

your right i was using caped cylinders sorry for the confusion. Thanks for the help everyone!

small addendum, the scale method I mentioned only works in specific situations. obviously, there needs to be a one to one correspondence in vertices.

also, if you had capped cylinders, then scaling->remdoubles will leave internal faces.
(this will happen when “joining” closed figures.

go into wireframe mode, with face select, and manually delete internal faces.
Internal faces can screw with normal calculations and cause other unexpected things to happen.