Attaching wrist to hand?

Hi Friends,

Whats the best way to attach a object with more vertices to a object with less vertices? I’m trying to attach my hand (18 verts) to my wrist (8 verts), but I’m not sure what the best way to do it is. What are my options?

Here’s a pic of what I’m doing.

-Thanks a ton

Increase the vertices on the arm to 18
Reduce the vertices on the hand to 8
Select both edge loops and W / Bridge Edge Loops to just bridge the gap. You can then adjust the mesh if required such as merging adjacent triangles to make quads
Manually just fill the gap with faces so you can control the edge flow
A combination of the above

Show us some of the results you’ve already achieved in trying to bridge the gap

Are there any problems with attaching the hand to the wrist, and just dissolving the verts that don’t line up? Here is what I did.

I know it’s not great for flow… Lack of verts are causing ledges, among other things I don’t know about.

Gonna try some more after I eat.