Attachments in threads is ON?

I think this is the most suitable place to ask.
I can not post attachment to my thread,I have been trying for over 15 minutes.
It says “Upload or file failed”. I checked if my file got corrupted or was not saved properly but it opens and works fine.It is almost a 2mb blend file.Is there a cap I don’t know of?
Is everything okay?

I have copy pasted my text till I find a solution.Thanks.

As an alternative, you can upload your blend there :
And add the link of the uploaded blend to your post in case you can’t attach the file to it directly.

Oh many thanks,I used this to help my thread.But I am not gonna mark it solved to check if the attachment mode is really working or is on a break right now.

Which forum were you trying to do this in? Also, how large is your file. Some subforums don’t allow attachments and there’s a maximum size limit, depending on file type.

I’m also having this problem.

as well as the quick reply NEVER working anymore aswell. it takes me to the advanced section and says it needs to be more than 10 characters long when i often type many paragraphs.

Anywho, i have this attachment problem aswell, i was trying to post a blend file in the textures topic because i’m having trouble texturing on my model and i’m having trouble explaining whats wrong so i was going to post the bled file to let other’s take a look, but i get the same error message. I’ve tried several times for a few days now.

Specifically, which forum/thread? Please post a link.