Attack - 1

Hey guys I’ve decided to start this thread again to continue with my scene, smoke simulation required a long time to understand.

This was the first attempt at smoke simulation:

And now we’re here: The smoke still has some blur, but it looks much thicker than when I started.

Opinions & critiques are very welcome.
Now on with the rest of it.

Well, the smoke on the top right of the cloud is too clear. I also suggest that you add a ring of smoke onto the ground, in addition to the current cloud. Explosions usually have a really low ring of smoke or dirt, like this:

Your progress on compositing the smoke into the scene is very good! I commented on your previous thread, but you may not have seen it. Specifically, I had a question about your approach to texturing:

“Looking really cool so far, though! And I have a question for you! How do you create the grunge and grime in your textures? Especially the smaller details such as around seams? Is it mostly photographic textures that are layered into place, or do you use custom brushes and paint in the details?”

I’m sorry guys for the delay, I lost this work (trouble with the hdd), and just managed to pull out some of the latest revisions of this file, still missing some textures, but I think I’ll be able to get back to it eventually.

Robert, thank you for the comment, it seems that putting another smoke source destroys the initial shape of my smoke. So, I may have to render the lower smoke in another scene inside the file, and composite it later. :slight_smile:

James Candy, it’s always a pleasure when you comment in my threads. The textures on the mech are either procedural or tileable (I make the tileable textures in Gimp). I might be able to share a part of the scene, let’s say the leg, and then a small tutorial on how to postpro in photoshop.