Attack Carrier...

(Ecks) #1

Ok In the last few day I finish my my hyperspace drive machine for my animation with my USS EXPLORER (US SEXPLORER for Bapsis) :slight_smile:

today I had begin the attack carrier who will attack The USS Explorer at the end of the hyperspace tunnel. I have to add some more weapon, fix the engine glow and tweak the lightning. Please leave me your comment or suggestion. Thank you!

(Millhouse) #2

Pretty good. do you want a small group of fighters to go with the carrier?
If you do i have a pretty good model its about 300k

(shibbydude) #3

Nice drive - only problem with the middle pic is the lighting around the ship. Something that bright would light up other parts on the ship.

It was US SEXPLORER to me, too.

(digitalSlav) #4

ships design is a little weird mostly looking at it from the front side. the ports should be beveled in instead of just having holes in the mesh - makes you outter hull look paper thin. the front sides of the hull should be textured to remove the streched texture applied to other areas.

don’t get me wrong here - great job! bring it up to par with the first one though. can’t wait to see these things fire some hot laser!!

(Ecks) #5

TX for the comment! :slight_smile: I would like to make the fighter on my own but If you want you can send them to me by email or put it on a website…If I take it I will put your name in the credit at the end!

I add some laser gun and I have try to fix the engine but…if you have any idea let me know!
If you have some tip about making good looking laser…let me know!

(dickie) #6

i love your textures.

(Ecks) #7

Thank but the texture are from Freespace: The great war…
I take two of them open them in photoshop and surperpose them…it is not like if I made them all…thanks anyway

(BMD) #8

I love it! just, it’s the lazer. to me it is too uneven to be something as exact as a laser. something i have tried is adding a circle, and dupliverting a lamp with a very low SpotSi. it makes for a smooth lazer, but does grow bigger if you make it shoot long distances. this is my opinion, but if you don’t like it, no prob!