Attack of Killer Bugs!!

Wanted to get some help for a small pretty simple game.
Its a simple Wave based game. You control a dual minigun to defend an important build from killer insects
Flies, Ants, Fire Ants, Wasps and so on
The bugs will spawn on the other side of the hill and make a b-line towards the building. And that about it. Fairly simple.
This project is mostly a learning experience.

So who do I need?

A Texture artist
A Programmer
A 3D Modeller
Music and sound i will find on the web.

So what do i have to bring to the table? I’m decent at modeling, i have some experience with UV texturing and making of texture and fairly decent at drawing. I will link some other of my threads so you can check them out and post photos.

Here are some of my recent threads:

A simple Tic Tac Toe Game using the numpad

A collection of some stuff I’ve modeled

A Space ship based on cars from 1960 - 1970

Anyways I’ve set up a simple scene so please check it out
If you want to join the project pm me and sent me some of your work. Anyways have a good day.

Anyways. Here are some examples for what im working on right now


Here is the .blend file

Attack of Killer Bugs!!!.blend (7.05 MB)

Here is a short video of the current progress of the project

Sorry for the audio sync… had to convert the video into audio, because my mic made some buzzing sound and i wanted to remove it

I saw this post so I decided to mess around with modeling a bit, and here is a fly I modeled:

it has 344 faces and if you like it I can get you the .blend

I don’t have time to join a team, but you can have this model if you want (even if you just want it as a place holder)

there are several flaws, but my little sister knew it was a fly :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll take that model :stuck_out_tongue: Looks Nice. Good enough for early builds

Here is a link to it

Thanks yo very much

Hey did some minor changes to it like moving the eyes and added a sub-surf modifier. I hope you like it


Attack of Killer Bugs!!!.blend (7.05 MB)

Whatever you want, it is your model now- I literally have less than a day left to work on blender for a while.

Have you considered using a resource like Blend Swap, I did a quick search and came up with the following models which, with a little work, may suit your game:

I’m sorry that I’m unable to join your team, your game looks like it’ll be fun.