Attack system


I made this attack system for a Rpg game. It works the way I want it to work but it has a lot of logic bricks and it gets really messed up when I place it in a bigger game. :spin:

So does anyone know a better way or can someone translate this quicly into a python script for me please? :stuck_out_tongue: I will add name to credits of the game if you want. But I really can’t translate it into python… It becomes an even greater mess than this logic bricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arrow keys to move
Click the enemy to select it so it does damage over time.
Move close near the enemy so that the enemy will attack

Thanks a lot for any help. :wink:


attack test.blend (151 KB)

With “states” you could, probably, clear your setup a bit?!
Logic Bricks are a “high-level” language, the opposite of those python hieroglyphs!
Unfortunately there are not much parameters in the Bricks to fine tune the games!