Attacking enemy

Hi to everyone,
I have one question, how to make, when the enemy is attacking on me but attack is succesfull only, when is enemy near and his IPO actions are in 15th frame??
Can u tell me what sensors I should use excepting near sensor??
I hope You will understand my low english skills :smiley:

Use a near sensor and a timer thats start at the same time as the ipo. Find out at which time the timer has when the ipo is at frame 15 and then use that.

i think you can just assign action’s current frame number (with ‘FrameProp:’ under the ipo actuator ;itz also under Shape Action actuator )to a property (preferably int) and use a simple python script check whether the frame no 15 has reached along with the near sensor to get the result you want.

I would follow saga.