Attatch to bone?

Attatch to bone? Can this be done? I tried it but it doesn’t work.

I have a person and a gun. I want the person to hold the gun. But attatching the gun to the bone obviously doesn’t work in the Game Engine. And vertex groups will probably slow the game down a lot. And vertax groups don’t affect the orientation of the object…

So how do I make this person hold a gun and animate at the same time?

Select your armature and than mesh object. Hit [ctrl+p] and select use armature [check out and make sure that proportionall editing function is off]

Than go to the edit window, select your mesh object, hit [tab] to go to the edit mode. Now look at editing window. Select couple of verticles and create group[nam them f.e. finger] than assign your group to the bone f.e. Bone.001 that is responsible for your finger moovement [acts as real bone]


Read very complexive documentation prepared by, and try their very good tutorials that introduces all basic functions of blender [offen more than anybody needs for average work]


Burt.S.'s explination sounds good; however, I do believ he has the order wrong. You are meant to select the mesh first, and then the armature. The rest look right.

I know that already, and that uses vertex groups, and vertex groups don’t change the orientation of the object… :-?

My problem is that even when the object is parented to the bone in the editor, when you run the game, it shows up at the origin of the parent object. And when that bone animates, the child object doesn’t even move, as though it is not parented.

Thanks for the info though… :-?

By the way, where are these complicated doccuments?

oh, yea… i know what he’s talking about,

using the parent armature like that with vertex groups makes the gun “look” like its moving, but its really not… when u do collision tests, the gun never moved

it would be useful if u could parent objects to a bone where the object really does move and so does the mesh for the collision detection, for example, use with a sword that swings, or a sheild that blocks, they would both use collision detection, to inflict damage or stop a projectile

lol,… unfortunatly, i dont have a solution for this problem… maybe u can find a way by just fiddling around

Ack ack…

I found out that the game engine doesn’t support parenting objects to bones. I’m sure it could be faked with Python though. Lot’s of math though.

And vertex groups might do the trick, but when you switch weopons or drop them, then that’s another story.

I’ll just use Python

Anyhow, I’ll solve this problem eventually :-?.

Yeah this problem is a real pain, especially for RPG type games,

let’s say your character holds a sword, and you want to change the sword in his hand (which is armatured), well you replace mesh but the new mesh doesnt follow the orignial armatures

if you do solve this with python, could you post the solution, I’d greatly appreciate it,

i have that same problem i think a Obj.setParent() function would be helpfull in finding a way around this problem