Attemping to export to .X, failing again

Recently I posted here when I couldn’t get a model working with the default .x exporter. I was directed to this plugin, and after some tweaking I got it working. I’ve now made another model, skinned it, and gave it a really simple animation just as a test. I can’t get it out. When I try to export it, the python console spits out an error “TypeError: can only concatenate list <not “NoneType”> to list” on the OnDraw function which isn’t really helpful to me. I’ve done everything on that list on his site and there’s been no change. Here’s my model:

If anyone can help me out that would be wonderful.

Here you go. :slight_smile:

Study the .belnd to see how it is set up (Outliner window is best for this). Also included the .x output using the default DirectX exporter bundled with 2.43. I checked it in Microsoft’s Mview.exe DirectX SDK mesh viewer to check it was OK.

Forgive the poor animation I did it very quickly to show you how the armature and mesh should be set up for correct export. I’ve also included a screengrab of the settings used in the exporter.

I’m writing a comprehensive set of tutorials explaining the export of DirectX meshes with animations, keep an eye out for them.

Hope this helps.

Ricky Dee