Attempt at organic creature(Final render)


Im not really sure where I am going with this guy but I thought I would try a little organic modeling. Being that I cant draw at all, I am doing this free hand point by point. Any way, after a days work I thought I would post my progress in hopes to get a little feed back on improvement.
Thx Mux.

Looks nice. But, the parts of the nose that stick out look more like pimples than just a part that sticks out, but that’s just my opinion.

Hey thx for the reply. I didnt really notice the nose but now I see it and will work on the features around it. With this update I finished the head but still needs to be tweeked in spots to get the shape I want.

I tweeked the face quite a bit mostly the general shape and also lowered the ears. I am pretty happy with the results though the nose still needs a little work. So here are two updates one with an eyebrow test.

looks good!

Hi i think its very nice :slight_smile: i dunno maybe its just my eye but id add to him some big mouth maybe some sort of fairy mouth :slight_smile: ya know what i mean cos everything eyes nose ears looks very good and little fairy for me and little more bigger mouth would be just confirming it but its just a suggestion :slight_smile: nice anyway (btw very good lightning how many light and which did ya use?)

Thx Guys. Really the only light I used is a Hemi pointing in the same direction as the camera so nothing really special Default white even.
I did reshape the mouth a little and will eventually go back and add some teeth, but I thought I would start on the body because that is going to take some time. Ive never really tried to model a muscular body so may come out a little funny but im going to give it a try. My plans are to make the body a little “Smegel” like, so again we’ll see how it turns out. Anyway here is a small update on what I have done today.

Well here is my first go at the upper body. Im not totally displeased with it but it does need some work. I really dont claim to be a muscle expert so there may be some muscles that are shaped wrong at least compairing to human but than again Im not really trying to model a human. So for those of you who may be following this thread , here is todays update.

Well all this will be my third post in a row with out any comment, so I may look into pulling it from the WIP section. I really dont want to keep bumping my own thread to the top, but I do want to show my progress, since I am really happy with the way this guy is turning out. So here is what I have done today. Now the leg only goes to the knee and the upeer leg still needs to be formed with muscle but I did get the general shape I wanted. Let me know what you think.

looking good, have you been using blender more than me(we joined around the same time), just more talented or using it a while before joining the forum?:stuck_out_tongue: anyway, it’s not a waste of thread;) keep working:).

his head seems a bit big in preportion to his body or is that what you trying to do ? nice model so far though

To be honest I havent been using blender as long as I have been registered to this forum. I signed up for the forum a few weeks before I dove into Blender. Now with that said, I am not totally new to 3d modeling and animation. For the past year or so I was working with Anim8or but noticed I just seemed not able to improve. So I gave Blender a try and even though I was overwhelmed at first with all the features and buttons and everything else, things started making since to me very quickly. SO to make a long story short, if you are new to 3d modeling and animation, stick with Blender. It really is not that hard to learn how to use at least the basics. There are many features I dont know how to use so I try to learn one every 2-3 days. Good Luck.

After you said that his head looked to big, I took a closer look. And you are right. The head is way to big. I did finish the lower body but was unhappy with it so I didnt save it. But what I did notice with the legs done was that his head looked like a balloon. So I will go back at some point and try to scale one or the other to mach.

Thx for the comments guys.
Good day

Well I didnt finish this guy yet and I may not. But I think I am going to move one to something else. This was really my first Blender project outside of tutorials and I learned a lot over the last week. Anyway, I put on a quit texture and a little AO for a final render.

Good day,

The ars are a little funky…not the size, the shape…other than that, looks great