Attempt to fake a freehand architectural rendering

I am attempting to fake the look of a freehand architectural rendering.

Some architectural firms prefer traditional freehand renderings over 3D. I would like to bridge the gap with Blender.

Let me know if you have any suggestions how I can give it a more free hand look using Blender. Thanks.

Hi erich, i really like what you did here. I’ve done a couple prismacolor renderings (architectural) for school, but i never thought the 3d program could do it as well.

A crit or two: I dont know if you tried rendering without the edge weight or not, but it would be nice to see it without the edge for comparisons sake.

2ndly, the direction of the stroke grain should vary between different planes (grass /sky, wall/grass, wall/roof) and there should be more gradiency in the textures, depending on whether there is shadow (dark areas) and light (edges of walls, roof). I do not know how you would do this with a tiled texture, but maybe there is a gradient texture in Blender.

Otherwise, i really like the effect, i guess you made these textures in PS and then textured your 3d model? Nice job btw.

looks pretty nice, and a good idea.

however, if wer’re talking conveniences sake, why not render with basic lighting, and trace the drawing over the top with markers etc? you’d have a lot more control over the image.

I’ve been in the construction industry a wee while, and all the architects use ArchiCAD or SketchUp or similar for their “artists impressions.” It’s only the truly old skool hardcore anti-technology crusty old arc’s that still draw by hand, every client i’ve dealt with wants 3d renders, so im interested to find out that people are still asking for hand drawings.

i can see the rough strokes of color and think it is definantly rendered nicely

hmmm… interesting. it definitely looks more hand-drawn than most blender. i agree with the above comments though, just poking in to say.

keep it up

You are right; the stroke grain is too uniform. I used the same pencil texture for all the areas. I mapped it using “window” in order to give it a 2D look.

Yes. I sketched and scanned the textures. I need more variety in the pencil stroke textures. Thanks for your comments.

This one firm I am trying to develop a relationship with prefers the hand drawn look. They feel traditional media has a more artistic and warm look. It is more convenient to sketch over a 3d model for one or two views, but it limits the possibilities (animation and real time). I have a meeting with the firm this afternoon. If they are happy with this, I will continue. If not, I may trace over the model with traditional media. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

Grew up in hand drawn world, where it was hell to keep edges neat and avoid smudging. Guess if you want that feel, it’s the world on it’s head = faking smudges and bleeds. Your set-up looks too crisp and uni- diaginal to me. Enjoy the pursuit, or just use your Blend print outs to trace over :wink: