Attempt to make a sun

This is an attempt to make a sunlike thingy…

nice…though i am not sure if a surface like tht of the sun would have that dark spots as u have on ur thing.

why png? png takes long to load in comparison to jpeg =(

Ya to many dark spots… and i think the bright spots are a bit contrasty (i dunno thats jsut me)

Maybe you cud do something like adding a smaller sun and then adding a bigger sun over it which you cud make into a halo texture? like particles that you make to look like flames or sorta like an explosion of flame.

Looks a lot like photos I’ve seen of the sun. Including the dark spots. Now add some solar flares! :slight_smile:

looks nice. is it procedural?

No offense, but if that’s just a photo mapped to a sphere, it’s not really that special…
Having said that, it does look good.:eyebrowlift: