Attempting to light a glass object (wine glass)

So… I am attempting to light up a small room scene where I intend to have wine pouring out of a wine bottle and in to a wine glass. But I have come across a small problem with lighting. How can I make a light affect the glass object, but cast a realistic shadow from the glass on to the floor/walls? I have attempted messing around in the settings and have looked around on google, but haven’t been able to find something that works.

What renderer are you using ?
If you are using the default Blender Internal renderer you will have to enable the ‘ReceiveTransparent’ shadow option (in the Material / Shadow panel) for all the materials that will be receiving shadows cast by the bottle.

If you want more realistic glass shadows you may want to use the Cycles renderer. There are tutorials on cgcookie or blenderguru

I havn’t used any other type of render than the default blender render. What is the difference between the two?