Attempting to model Storm (nudity)

Hi, I am working on this model at the moment she is supposed to be Storm from the X-men unfortunately I lost the part with the eyes done due to an accidental… closing so will have to redo. Would appreciate any feedback.

Have been a Professional Forum Lurker for a long time, just didn’t sign up til recently, since I finally had something I was willing to show someone /grin…

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Looks fine. I’d love to see your progress.

Excuse an old man, who is this “Storm”?

As a old man you should know, x men have been around for ages.:no:

looking good so far.

Looks fine so far, the face could need some work especially the mouth - there are many good facemodelling tutorials and you can look at other threads here on BA to see how they approached the modelling ;).
Another thing that caught my eye is the length of the forearms. They seem to fit to your reference but they are too long if you look only at the model itself. The shoulders are a bit too “bulky” for a woman and the biceps / upper arm seems to be deformed a bit.

Keep up the good work,
Greetings, Robert

Storm is a female character with the ability to make the weather obey her will. I always liked her and Jane Grey / Phoenix (sp) Yeah I don’t like how the face is showing in render its downright ugly but haven’t had much luck fixing it and I agree the arms are too long I thought they were when I was modeling it so that should be relatively easy to fix… I hope…

yeah this is very nice information i like it very much

Thanks for your post

have been working on redoing the head entirely and will likely be doing the same to the body have been struggling with getting the edge flow to go the way I want it to will likely be posting another Picture of the reworked head later this evening

If you look at where a mans dick would be on a man on her…there is too much of a space between her legs, if you compare to the reference. And it looks like she has broken her uppe arm. Otherwise it looks good. Maybe you could give the face a little more personality. Keep going…

I think you are referring to the crotch area, Zarnik.

Great model and great subject, why not try your own creation, instead of Marvel’s?
Oh well, here are some crits, upper arms curve funny, knees seem to point inward (looks that way on the ref too, but it looks bad to me), arms too long as mentioned before, and the curve of her boobs is too rounded, hers are more perky and less full (muscled slightly). Good Luck! Great Work! Keep it up and above all, be original.


Ok here is the reworked head Mesh for this character


Thank you all for the crits the reason the legs are wide are because of mirror modifier I didnt want to put too close until i was ready to commit it finally. I agree about the arms and the knees so decided to try to completely redo the character the head mesh I redid I am Much Much Happier with the new head.

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Yawn lol very tired but thought would share my progress on my model. Fixed some of the issues noted in earlier crits and hopefully some that were not noticed before as well =). Enjoy.


Did some more work on the Storm character and will soon start working on her costume. Here is an updated picture.


Have added clothing but haven’t figured out how to post wires without taking a screen shot and editing it with gimp so… no wires this time.


Darkangael you really improved the new model! face is more expressive and fierce, and the back and legs are more curved acording to the reference.

Note: Forearms are more muscular/fat on the reference image.
The head still looks slightly big.

Thanks hun. I’ll see what i can do with the muscles.

Bleh sorry for the long time without an update but computer took a header fortunately I think I have a backup of the blend now that I am back up and running looking for it to finish the modeling. Here’s hoping.