Attempting to UV unwrap but nothing shows in UV view

Hi all, i hope this is the right place for this…

Anyway, just started learning UV unwrapping and i’m stuck at practically the first hurdle; The object i’m trying to unwrap doesn’t show up in the UV view.

I’ve followed the tutorial on blendercookie but with no luck (see below)

If anyone can point out the obvious thing i’ve done wrong, i’d really appreciate it as this is putting a serious downer on the little project i’m working in.


In the 3D viewport, select the faces you want to unwrap (or all of the faces). Then with the cursor over the 3D viewport, type U and select one of the unwrap options.

Click the X in the UV panel to clear the panel of showing the Render result.

Still nothing

Are you able to select faces?
Are you able to unwrap? I.e. do you see the dialog box with the options?
Are you able to clear the render image in the UV view?


It works fine with a new file, just not with anything i’m trying to unwrap.

At the bottom of the UV window you see ‘Render Result’. There is an X to the right. Click it.

that did it, thanks :slight_smile:
now just to figure the rest out :wink: