Hi my first post here, i was studying the fracture tools and decided to do this scene.

tks and sorry if my english is wrong.


my portfólio: (Brazilian)

Pretty good. What about taking out the green dart in the first image, and the bullet in the second, so that it would appear that that dart had broken the glass?

Very good, I like the scene, but I must agree with zzero on the dart issue.

tks for comments, it’s a good idea but the in the scene i try telling a history: somebody try to shot the target with dart’s and give up, after that, he try another method and this method can be seen in the second image. =)

But now I think that it was unclear and the next work I’ll work better in this question.

again, sorry for my bad English and tks for comment’s

That would of been fine, but looking at the first picture, I see the glass is unbroken, then I look at the next, and it has just been broken, but yet I dont see anything new to the scene. Sort of makes me want to think it exploded all on its own.