as a sister project to (yet related by no means) Make Human. I am now proud to present:

Make Mr. Potato Head Project



After years!.. nay months!.. nay days!.. nay an hour and some odd minutes, of hard work. I am proud to present the MMPHP prject.

You may be asking yourself " what is the MMHP project and why am I actually bothering to read this?"

Well it all started long ago (this morning, er um afternoon) when I got out of bed and accidentally hit my head on the bed knob. A thought suddenly struck me… " why the hell did they put that big ole tongue inside the mouth of the make-human base model and what can I possibly do with it that could be of any use?"

That’s how the MMPHP came into being. So without further ado… here’s the screen shots.

(comes standard with three noses, two mouths (one with big ole red tongue!), one set of ears, one set of eyes, a hat, a watch, a sherrifs badge, a bowtie, and one set of furry eyebrows.

And of course a render to show it’s limmitless possibilities!!

I know you are probably filled with anticipation, and questions just as you read this. So I have carefully prepared this Q&A.


Q: Why would you even start such a bold project?

A: It’s just the kind of guy I am. Nothing (especially loss of dignity) gets in my way when I am hot on the trail. Plus I’m hoping it will help me get in with some hot chicks!

Q: Does it run on windows?

A: Sure, why not.

Q: In the render the Mr. Potato Head, looks like a big piece of… er um candie bar, why is that?

A: I’m not that good at textures in the first place and I just didn’t feel like spending anymore time on it.

Q: Are you planning any more releases of this project?

A: Sure, but really it comes down to community, the more people that help out to make this a really great project, the more you will see from it!!

Q: What about MRS. Potato Head?

A: There is currenty no support for MRS. Potato Head in MMPH. At the moment we are working hard on it and will try to implement new features as we have time.

Q: How can I help

A: there is a todo list below this Q&A, just pick something your good at and be a contributer.

TODO list:

GUI interface: It would be really great if someone with some programming experience would be willing to help out to add some automation, and espessially some sweet looking buttons and stuff .

Meshes: We are still short a few objects… more specifically …

More Eyebrows: different colours and shapes
More mouths: some with teeth perhaps
More Eyes: compatible eyelids and eyelashes would be nice
A string like tie: Dunno it was in the original I think…
Ear rings: gold dangly things… men wear em to ya know… (just not me)
Regular tie: he should be ready for any occasion
Glasses: he needs about three pair to be on par with the original
Moustache: There was only one originally but I think he could use a couple

If you are interested in working on any of these things please just leave your additions in a link from a comment or, contact me via a personal message.

So without further ado … here is the .blend file