Attic overhaul

Hi! My first post here. Been doing Blender for a year now (partly aside from work and parenting) and i made this render picturing an attic overhaul. The diagonal roof has been cut out and replaced by this new construction with the windows, gaining a lot of space. I’m almost through the Architecure Academy, so i thought i’ll do a project of my own.
I did most of the modelling (aside from some books, the painting, the plant and the chairs). The materials were partly created in Substance (even the materials for the chair and plant).

Let me know what you think of it! Cheers.

Samples: 1500
Used the new 2.79 denoiser.

It is pretty good. I only think that you should change that painting to something that is not that usual.

Thnx! And yes, you’re right, i just used a painting i got with the architecture academy… Better i pick something original!

I like this a lot! The angle of the roof adds an extra bit of interest than your typical interior render.

Thnx, bazevedo! This is a pretty typical house extension in the Netherlands, a room-long cutout section to make an attic usefull instead of just a storage area:) .