Attn. Lizard, Joe Cool, and Saluk

(SeaCigar) #1

:-? yessiree… its me. Got a little problem that involves the scripts of Lizard(with an unknown number attached to the name), and Saluk. Joe, I am just alerting you, because I am STILL trying to get that game to you, so you can evaluate it.

Now, if any of you are here, I shall begin. I have the first level of my game completed, but upon its completion, some issues arised that I cannot handle with my piss poor programming skills. I will break the problems up based on the individuals best suited to handle them. And don’t feel obligated to help, please… :wink: I want you guys to help only if it suits you. don’t wanna be any more trouble, if you know what I mean.

now, for the issues at hand.

Lizard: Your “trigonomety” script is a real piece, of work, let me tell you :smiley: . It’s got my robotics teacher fried, and he is the most capable and dedicated programmer I have (sad, yes, but then again, he doesn’t use python…). All in all, it serves its purpose of moving my character in context to the camera very well. HOWEVER, here is where a bizarre bug arises. when working with more simple level design, such as a few test-platforms, the robot navigates the platforms fine, but upon being inserted into the “Jr.'s Playground” level, it will “skip” ahead several meters (consider the robot one meter in diameter), sometimes in a seemingly random direction (I.E jumping backwards when trying to move forwards). Given that this is a platform game, control accuracy is paramount in importance, so such a bug must be squashed before it can be considered “version 1.0” so to speak. I believe the error may lie in the complexity of the level in coorespondance with your movement script, since it only arised at the very end. I intend to get you a full copy to mess with, but PLEASE, give me a mail address with several megs… it takes nearly an hour to send just one copy of this game on my piss poor connection, so it is frustrating to have it sent back , taking up another hour, and then have the individual I sent it to tell me I never sent it… just very maddening. You can understand, right? let me know what you think about all this, and thanks again for the help you gave me in the past.

Saluk: Your problem isn’t as bad, but it’s still noteworthy. As you may know, Blender’s “smart-cam” script is fine for flat areas, or ones with very little altitude change, but is stuck in the ‘2nd Dimention’, so to speak, and can only move on the horizon on a set altitude. I believe your script is designed to relieve this problem, correct? Problem is, I have no idea how to mesh the program together with lizard’s camera and movement scripts… I had a fine time just meshing his to my robot…
Anyway, I don’t think you’re program has a bug; I think I just haven’t managed to mesh it into the robot and camera properly… (a little friendly advice; include a readme file with your download showing how to mesh the script to a preferred object). again, let me know what your thoughts are on the issue.

Joe Cool: the simplest thing of all. I’m still trying to get you that game. now that it is in a playable, albeit buggy, form, perhaps you can suggest a site that will let me upload it for easy access. I can try mailing it again, but I’m willing to bet that you are tired of that scenareo, so I’m looking for alternatives.

As I run into more problems like this, it becomes painfully clear that I’m not ready to take this stuff on yet, at least, not on my own, and it is embarrasing to ask for help all the time, although very encourageing, because everyone has always been so nice to me, since day one: not every programmer/techie site is this civil, and your decency is very commendable.
Anyway, If you know me and my project, you know I am obligated to complete this as much as possible. However, once it is all said and done, I must call it quits to go back and practice the basics until I can handle programming on my own. That could take forever… :frowning: . nonetheless, I will remeber the site, and will probably still be around, albeit for more visual, and less mathmatical, projects, until I drag my skill up to par.

Yep, I’m singing my swan-song (whatever that means). but I’m not dead here in realtime until this last project is over, so help out if you can, and I hope the results will be worth it, so you guys don’t feel like you wasted your time.

(P.S: I still cant recall how to get alpha to work… gawd, I’m a piece of work, ain’t I? therefore, the “windows” on the cube obstacles are opaque, and not like they’re supposed to be from super mario sunshine. Gimme a link to a tutorial on that thing if you want, so I can make the level as authentic as possible.

(lizard809) #2

well i tried adding lots of polys to the demo i sent to you but the first is if you hold down keys to go atdidnt get the bug to appear. there are 2 minor bugs that i want to fix on it that i should fix when i get that file. a diagonal you will go 1.41423 times faster. the second is the object rotates according to the velocity, not according to the keys being pressed. these both are simple to fix. how big is the file? you should be able to get acasto to host it for you. his sit is

(saluk) #3

Most of us have to ask for help at one time or another. With blender, its usually more often than not:) Or you can just hunker down and struggle with it for years and years not asking questions until you finally figure it all out for yourself, except you don’t pick up any tidbits of wonderful wisdom that other experts may have, cause you didn’t hunker down and ASK SOME QUESTIONS! You know what I mean? (hehe, I’m one to do the second track, but I don’t recomend it)

Anyway, my little camera script is really dumb, I made it in like 10 minutes, no testing or anything, and it doesn’t work well when I try to use it in any other games than the test one. Check the forums for the past few days, I think some people have made some pretty good camera scripts, you might want to check them out.

Good luck Sea