Au Naturel

This is something I did tonight in Painter for the CGTalk Daily Sketch Group:


(alternate direct image link)

This was done in around 40 minutes.

Thanks for checking out my stuff,


Very cool and dynamic. Too pink. Personnally I would have picked dark, unsaturated greens and browns for the background suggesting foliage therefore reinforcing the “nature” bit. It would bring the girl in the foreground.

very nice Robertt,

i agree with bussman,too bright for my tastes too.

Bussman: Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions. I can envision what you’re describing and know that would work very well, especially in just terms of contrast. The current colors, the scene really, is less external world and mostly representative of what’s surging through her mind and body in terms of unprecedented feelings and suddent inhibitions, as she dances in what is her world now, in a shameless celebration of herself, as she had never felt before, vivacious and empowered through her rediscovered naturality, which was always there but hidden and unknown or known and repressed and neglected for a good part of her adulthood until this most liberating moment of her true self.

-=leon=-: Thanks! I always enjoy checking out your work here in the traditional forum, and it’s nice to hear from you :slight_smile:


i think the head blends right in with the backround so its a bit hard to notice and also it all looks like a bunch of confetti

i miss contrast in your painting, try a dark red background and the stuff you allready had on the background with a lower opacity, that should help our eyes not too freak out :wink: for the rest no crits, nice style! :slight_smile:

Maybe he was looking for a lack of contrast %|
Nice concept and painting

Thanks for the extended feedback!

This was a quick one but one I had firmly in mind what I wanted to create. What we see on the canvas is all of her in motion, dizzy with her newfound self in a sense, definitely self-absorbed in this moment, but only newly so and not in the potentially darker and deeper way I explored in a 3D work I posted a few months back called The New Narcissus.

Confetti is okay if you see that because this is her own private celebration, her Whitmanian song of herself…

Also “I Sing the Body Electric” by Whitman comes to mind…

Something along those lines :slight_smile: