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hey guys,

Sorry to double post this (mods kill it if you want to) but we want as many ppl to see it as possible.

After some discussion over the logistics of such a feat, we have decided to run a forum/conference/get together for Australian and any Kiwis who might be intersted in travelling to Sydney over the weekend of 23 and 24th of October 2004, therefore it will run in parallel to the Blender Conference in the Netherlands but not be specifically linked to it. Now its in its early stages of planning so beyond these details we are still working on the plan…basically we will all be responsible for our own travel to Sydney so how you get there is up to you. Then we will try to sought out some accomodation if needed or whatever…at the moment we are still very much planning and any input about what should happen is very much encouraged. We also would like definite committment before the end of August, preferrably sooner so that accomodation, food, computers etc can be soughted out. So if you are interested and think you can make it PM me AND reply to this thread so that we can keep track of things. Also if you have any ideas let me know.

Oh and if you want to come and have transport problems or whatever then PM me anyways and we will do the best we can to sought something out…ill even write you a permission note for your parents :wink:

we would love to get a nice group together for a what promises to be a fun weekend so come along if you can.

-timmo and levon

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