Auburn Speedster 1932

Hello! my name is Maxi, i am starting a new project from scratch, i was trying to find an object to model with some degree of complexity, with organic shapes, with some kind of challenge to my skills, i wanted this to be old too. This is how i found the Auburn Speedster 1932… i dont know that much about this car, the only thing i know is that it is a racing car. Here you can see some photos and my model WIP. i would love to recieve any kind of feedback, i am allways learning.
Thanks, and Lets start! :smiley:

Here the first Pictures of the WIP! at this stage i am not concentrating in the rendering or the lights, i just want
the basic shapes to work with later on. :smiley:

The last photos has some grain product of the sampling during rendering :frowning:

This is all by the moment, less than 7 hours of work. ill be uploading more, i am Working on the tires so next you will have a model with tires! :smiley: in every iteration i polish the model, align some faces, hide another, delete vertices and try to keep the model clean, if you see any imperfection, please you can comment bellow :smiley:

Nice start - the rear mudguards don’t look right - can you post a side view with your reference image imposed?

Cheers, Clock.