(Cheryl Chen) #1

Red-haired huntress~ I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while…time to call her done :stuck_out_tongue:

Higher res here.

(ronin19587) #2

Awesome work!

(sempervirent) #3

Very nice character, I like pose and lighting.

(Erisian) #4

Beautiful work. The colours are perfect and I love the character.

(malhomsi) #5

lovely work , i like ur color palette and gesture !

(Cheryl Chen) #6

Thanks for your comments guys! :smiley:

(RuK) #7

Very charming character.
Great artwork!

(foxrender) #8

very awesome character design. good job!

(Safetyman) #9

Your character work is second to none.

(Cotaks) #10

Great job,

.time to call her done

To bad, it could use a bit more cleaning up. It got some issues in my eyes. The right hand… that finger looks very weird, same for the left feet. also knees are sticking out way to far, and upper legs smaller then lower legs, the abs where the abs gone to? other then that, it still looks decent. Well done.

But i guess it’s more my personal opinion due to no one else dared to say anything.

(Herbert123) #11

Elfquest! :cool:

(rombout) #12

Really a nice shot, though i find the lighting to strong. There is a lot of burning, perhaps that was the effect your aiming for though :slight_smile:

(xDonnervogelx) #13

I adore the whole concept of this character. Would be cool to know how you did the hair and the clothes, since I am struggling with that creation part myself lately.

(Cheryl Chen) #14

Woooh thanks for the support! :smiley:

@Cotaks - Thanks for pointing those out. I am really loose about anatomy (I probably should look at some more references :P) but I’ll keep your feedback in mind for the next one!
@rombout - Thanks! Yeah, I do have a tendency to really blow up the lighting…gotta turn it down a notch!

(wissammax) #15

that is a very great job , just the iris looks weird

(Cheryl Chen) #16

Thanks xDonnervogelx and wissammax!
@xDonnervogelx - Sorry I must have missed your comment. I simulated the clothes in marvelous designer, and added some extra details in Blender (like using the particle system for the fringe of the skirt and shawl). For the hair, it’s a lot easier to work with if you break it down into multiple particle systems. So for things like the fringe and strands on the side, I use the simple child particles (for more control) and laid them out strand by strand. For varying widths, (like the thinner wisps) I used another particle system with a lower child radius and fewer children. For the back bit of the hair, where its getting pulled into a ponytail, I used an interpolated particle system, since the children spread out more evenly, and just combed it back. The ponytail is actually a small separate plane with another particle system placed on the back of scalp. Anyway hope this helps!

(SergeE) #17

The style and the pose are interesting. I really hope to manage to do stuff like that someday! Good work!

(nureintier) #18

nicely done chebylshev

(JOR Studios) #19

Very nice! Great job on the hair and clothing

(georgezaky108) #20

Very nice character woooow