aud module stereo question

hey guys.
i was messing with the aud module. and i can’t seem to get audio to come out of the right speaker. its as if there is a balance parameter that is defaulted to left.

any suggestions? also does anybody know of a better audio module to use?

That was a bug in 2.62, I believe it was fixed for the 2.62a release and thus shouldn’t be around in 2.63.

Though 2.63 had a bug with object rotation that has just recently been fixed, so you might to wait until there’s either a graphicall build with a revision number newer than the latest fix or wait for the possible 2.63a release (which has become increasingly likely)

ok thank you for the fast response. yea the rotation bug is a bit annoying, iv’e had comments pouring in on my youtube channel asking why the character was spazzing out. im still using 2.62 so i had no clue what was wrong. then I saw the bugs. well im rambling on again. anyway thanks for the response and i shall continue programming.