Aud play 3d sound

Hey all!
I have recently began to add sounds to my game with the aud module, which is working fine, except for the fact that it just won’t to play 3d sounds! I have read a thread stating that it will only work with mono sounds, so I converted those which were not mono already, but still no success!

It seems like I won’t find the mistake on my own, so I really appreciate any help!


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For some reason, “”, as a script name, seems to cause some trouble.

If you name it anything else, and set handle.distance_maximum to something a little higher (like 100), it should work fine.

Thanks that works, even though I don’t really understand why the distance_maximum can’t be at that small…

It can be whatever you want, but if you want to actually hear anything from the start, you’ll need to ensure that distance_maximum is greater than the initial distance between the listener (Camera), and the source (Cube).