Audacity - Lame - Ubuntu - MP3

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create mp3s using Audacity on Ubuntu Linux (please see link below) If anybody can shed any light on this I’d really appreciate it.

Why not just quickly boot to windows , and use the easy installers for lame and audacity?
You might be able to use the windows installers inside WINE too, but then you would have to run it in wine as well.

Personally I use OGG format, so I can dont have to worry about all the legal stuff that goes along with using a propriatory format like mp3

Well, I don’t have windows to boot to on this machine. I hadn’t considered ogg format, but I tried it and it seems to work fine. I also notice that there are codecs for windows media player, so I can play it on my laptop which is windows.

Thanks for the tip!!

Maybe you should install the liblame0 package.


Thanks, that did the trick!