Audacity to blender

I downloaded audacity. I want to learn how to add sound to blender animations. I have a few questions relating blender to audacity.

The program audacity is a little bit confusing to me, if anyone knows some tutorials that can help me learn it better please post. I mainly want to learn how to add key effects to make timing on the sound animation correspond to the blender animation. Also adding music, i know its fairly easy but haven’t discovered on how to do it.

Im not totally sure on how to transfer the blender file to audacity to make the precise timings with the sound.

Once i combine the blender animation and the sound, where should i render the video at?

Any help is much appreciated.

Ha, youve got it a little mixed up.

What you should do is take your audio and bring it up in blender(and set it up in the sequencer). Animate to the audio. Render. Open up like windows movie maker or something, and line up the audio and video. Viola.

You don’t even need to use Movie Maker. If you are using a blender with ffmpeg support, you can multiplex the audio and video right from blender.

good point, but I dont think that works with windows? Am I wrong there(I dunno)?

Anyway, I suppose I dont even know what OS youre using, so…

well, yes, you are wrong there :slight_smile:
works fine in windows.
i’d recommend: ffmpeg --> video: XVid --> audio: mp3 + multiplex

It works on windows for current svn only if you have a mingw build.


i guess the only problem with doing the audio in blender its that blender doesn’t have a full set (by any stretch) of audio editing tools. I mean, even audacity is better! blender needs to catch up in audio editing IMHO, (and video editing too), that would make it a much more well-rounded program. Especially since blender is meant to be an all-in-one, do everything quickly and easily type of program.

Adding them would easily double Blender’s memory footprint. Just look at Nuendo and other applications used for audio postproduction. It would be much more straightforward to add basic video playback capability to Audacity or Ardour.

just look at this thread so : ardour synced to blender through Jack transport ! amazing :

hmm well I think blender is more focused on the 3D aspect anyways Everyone thinks it need improvement…i say game engine, but you know its free so I’m not complaining…I use Audacity…sorta a freeware user lol…

In Audacity make your wav file 16 bit at 44100 Hz. Then import it into Blender via F10 then go to “sound block buttons” then “Blender Sound Block”> open and pick your wav file to import. Then “mix down”. BTW make sure you have movie already loaded into sequencer.

After mix down, Blender outputs a joint file of the sound and video together. Damn, now I forget what comes after this. Maybe you use an external program to join them, sorry I forget.

However, I do remember Blender Linux version had FFMeg built in and would join video and sound automatically.

@Sebastian: Awesome, very good to know, thanks!