Audacity with Blender any conflicts?

Before I get into it to deeply, Is there any known conflicts between Audacity and Blender, Aside from bit rate mismatches or any formats of sound to avoid when exporting from audacity to use in blender?
My preferred software for choice for audio work is Audacity, And as of right now I’m starting to get to the point where sound in animations is on my horizon. I did some google research and did not find anything obvious, But if there is any wisdom or useful links anyone has on the subject Please drop one or two in a reply.

Use standard .wav 16 bit in Blender 3D , I don`t know any problems on that part. If you find one , you can file a bug report here

Thank you Numarul7.

Audacity also allows you to import pretty much any file as raw audio. In fact, you could even import an image file as audio, if you wanted. That means, no matter what you do in Blender, you’ll have a really good shot at getting it into Audacity.

There shouldn’t be any conflicts. Just remember to make good samples. They should have few milliseconds of quiet in the beginning and in the end. That way when you don’t get snaps and cracks to the sound. I prefer to use multitrack video editor to combine video, sound fx, voices and music; Blender could do it, but I have this habit…

I’ve used Blender/Audacity on several short films, there should be no problems. Just do a few simple tests to make sure you’re exporting and importing stuff correctly before getting too far.

Thanks all! I have used audacity for a few years for podcast post production (BTW I have a few hours of rants on what to and not to do on an audio feed that lacks that has to be done in one take, And the common sense things that people forget when they are guests) So for me audacity is a tool I know and Like, A few years back we had an intermittent problem with uploads to itunes from audacity exports. But that was mostly due to outdated LAME codecs and a very not healthy computer.