Audaspace and notechars ?which code for notes ?

i’m in trouble with this python script:

def parseNotes(notes, bpm, basefreq, rate = 44100,
               notechars = "XXXCXDXEFXGXAXHcXdXefXgXaXhp"):

i tried to modify the notes and create other “song” but no success !
i can’t identify what is this notechars and google is not my friend on that subject !

Do you know where i can find a notechars map or a documentation about how to write it !
I found audaspace very interesting, and i want to go deeper in it.

the idea is to work with sound generated from frequencies, not from sound files/fonts… not yet !

thanks for your answer…developpers as you are…

Apart that question of writing notes from chars, i’m getting more advanced into audaspace, i understood the concept of factory to load sound files directly played by blender (i can now play some playlist like vlc :D)

I’m now back to synthesis sound and look at the definition of waves and filter, very, very interesting that audaspace…i’m feeling unlimited…
as a music composer also, i’m deeply touched by those options and possibilities.
Why not an equalizer and pass filter sliders with animated values (curves).
i’m also interested to test the fade-in and fade-out provided by this module !

i was on irc yesterday, and it seems that i need to create a new operator for adding these tools in the toolbar…but there is already some ops related to AUD, can i use them for an other purpose ?
i’m still in research.

thanks if you can help here…