Audaspace (aud) - 2.6x - scripting tests

my question regarding the audio engine is about the continuity of the development based on audaspace.
I have made a couple of scripts using the engine, few years ago (i had fun). New ideas came recently and i was wondering if Audaspace can be used more into Blender (e.g. sound synthesis, audio mix and FX nodal system).

So, if somebody knows about the plan by the foundation about this topic…thanks

No plans to remove so - yes it will stay.

Thanks ideasman,
ok, i came back to my previous experiment, an octave of sine based notes:

import aud 
device = aud.device()

# example of sound creation from sine waves
# notes = audaspace.sine wave (frequency, rate). duration.pre-delay

do = aud.Factory.sine(261, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 
re = aud.Factory.sine(293, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2)
mi = aud.Factory.sine(329, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 
fa = aud.Factory.sine(349, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 
sol = aud.Factory.sine(392, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 
la = aud.Factory.sine(440, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 
si = aud.Factory.sine(493, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 

do2 = aud.Factory.sine(523, 44100).limit(0, 1).delay(0.2) 

sequence = do.join(re).join(mi).join(fa).join(sol).join(la).join(si).join(do2)
handle =   

#So, blender is learning piano ?

it does the job, not really usefull at this stage, i agree, but somehow, i have seen that audaspace is able to generate a sequence of sounds.

i’m now searching to provide ADSR envelope to those sounds…

i try to combine fadeIn, fadeout, and limit… any suggestion ?

what are channels ? is that related to stereo,5.1,etc… ?
Can i use FFMpeg filters ?

import aud
device = aud.device()

# track 1
sound1 = aud.Factory.sine(120, 44100).limit(0,0.2).fadeout(0.15,0.05).loop(8)

# Track 2
sound2 = aud.Factory.sine(260, 44100).limit(0,0.4).fadeout(0.35,0.05).loop(4)

# Track 2
sound3 = aud.Factory.sine(720, 44100).limit(0,0.4).loop(1)

# mix section
mix = sound1.mix(sound2).mix(sound3).volume(0.5).loop(3)

# play it !
handle =

Blender is playing minimal techno…

One more question about the channels: in case i select 4 outputs channels (according to my sound card) in the scene panel, how i can send some factories to be listened on a specific channel ?