Audi A3 Sportsback

Hello everyone,

my name is Chris and im a 3d artist / modeler for soft and hard surface designs. My goal is to get into the movie scene therefore one of my goals are to make materials for models look absolutly realistic.
Now starting with this car. It took me aprox. arround 9 hours of solid work after my main job at home to complete untill this stage. As you can see the car is still not finished but i would like to hear some nice critiques if you have any. Please let me know what you don’t like. Keeping in mind that i have to still model the wheels, seats, windows, etc. Let me know what you think. Btw im using blender for like 2 weeks now and before i was only using 3ds max. I still cannot believe how powerfull blender really is and i regret not using this software long time ago. I def recommend anyone to try it out as its worth it. Dont mind the blue grill color its just a placeholder.

thats it for now.- Let me know what you think and don’t keep yourself back let it out. I want to hear any good or bad critiques as it does help me.

This model is for a car company i work for and i really want to know what i could improve in terms of lighting for example. How is the render? good? bad? something important missing? anything will help me really. Thanks in advanced.

best regards


I like this. 2 weeks you say? One day I’ll post a car here in Focused Critique… I hope mine is near this good! There are a couple of things I noticed: 1. when I look at the roofline, there seem to be facets - i.e. small angles not curves, perhaps you need to add a level or two more subdivisions on the model? Also, (2) you have a nice glossy paint job, but I wonder whether you could use a more complex environment texture to add more interest to those reflections? Oh, and (3) the rear 3/4 pillars seem to be very thin (or just 2D?) front windscreen frame might also like more depth (thickness?).

Hey thanks for the quick reply. Yes i do have modeling exp thats prob the reason why i got into blender very quick. Because basicly you know what you need and lets say for instance you are looking for a way to slide along the axis. I knew how to do that in max so all i had to do was to google on how to archive that inside blender aswell. Basicly google was my friend or is my friend even :slight_smile:

You are absolutly right on the roofline. It needs some vertex moving tweaking as the hole car is without any subdivisions. Its build in panels basicly. Good look on that really. Further more, i didnt use an environment lighting for this model and also that is a good idea so big thanks on that thought. All i used was two glossy maps and 3 normal ligh setup. The world was created by making a box and inverting the inside faces out so that i can catch the light better.

Now the rear. Now that you say that i cannot thank you enough for this. I will def change it as its really way too thin.

Good job man. Thanks

best regards